Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Commander Finch

Commander Finch is our other incentive model that will be available in the coming months.  Commander Finch and his spider monkey partner will come together in a set and are just a hint at the wide array of nefarious characters inhabiting the "Terminus Gate" universe.

Commander Jonathan Finch is the self-proclaimed Commander of the Void.  Finch’s exploits are known throughout the universe as he seldom stays in any one system very long and chaos usually surrounds him wherever he is.  Delusional to the extreme, Finch is also dangerously charismatic, ensuring that he always has loyal followers at his disposal.  Finch fancies himself a true pirate and has acquired a sizable fleet of ships both directly and indirectly under his command.  Finch’s custom gear is all crafted to reinforce his obsession with 18th century pirates, each piece ornately etched and engraved to his precise instructions.  Many years ago, Finch acquired a lothorian spider monkey that he refers to as His Majesty High Prince Oculus.  The High Prince is never far from the Commander, serving as faithful pet, best friend and body guard as the situation dictates. 


  1. What do you mean, "Incentive Models"? And when/how can I buy this?

    1. Our incentive models will be available to supporters later this year during our Kickstarter event.