Tuesday, July 30, 2013

WIP: Stonecutter

Got a WIP shot of one of the beasties the inhabit the Terminus Gate universe.  Below is the description of the stonecutter and the WIP sculpt for it.

Stonecutters are large omnivores similar in size and bulk to rhinoceroses found across Gruum.  Stonecutters are powerfully built, their muscly bulk protected by thickly armored hides.  Their heads are covered in a bony plate that they use to push rock and soil out of their way as they burrow through the ground.  Their legs end in large, spade shaped paws that terminate in razor sharp claws.  Due to the high iron content of the rocky soil on Gruum, stonecutters have tremendously hard claws, teeth and bones.  Gruumor tribes keep herds of domesticated stonecutters, both to assist them in their work and to utilize their bodies for making tools and building materials.  Wild stonecutters are extremely territorial and will defend their hunting areas if threatened.

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