Friday, September 20, 2013

What is Terminus Gate?

Terminus Gate is a gritty, brutal miniatures game pitting rival privateer crews against each other as they attempt to fulfill their contracts.  You are the captain of a space-faring privateer crew, contracting your services where you can in the vast outer systems.  Armed with some fresh recruits, you will ply your trade across the stars, picking up contracts ranging from planetary exploration to deep space salvage, policing actions to hit-and-run raids.  As they survive each job, your crewmen will gain experience, granting them new abilities and opportunities to develop in their professions.  

In the depths of space, opportunities and dangers abound.  Dark and terrible enemies poise ready to foil your crew at every turn.  Life as a privateer is a dangerous affair with injuries and even death awaiting your crew as they quest for fame and fortune amongst the stars.

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