Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chokers, Zealots, and Zombies, Oh My!

We have another round of concept art this evening.  First, we have a color version of the Choker artwork.  The second piece is from one of the other crew backgrounds, a grunt for the zealous Archonites.  Last is a horrific bio-zombie, a mutated animated corpse of some hapless crewman.  Enjoy!


Archonite Grunt



  1. Hi! Came across this site by chance. Really like your artwork and your figures! Are those figs still in prototype stage yet or are they actually available?

    1. Hi painted stuff,

      Though the figures we've shown here on our blog are beyond prototype-stage (we have master molds made but do not yet have production molds ready), we hope to have the figures out in stores soon. We're currently in the final weeks before we launch our Kickstarter, which will contain both a set of Core World models, as well as a set of Marauders. Depending on the success of our Kickstarter, we hope to have additional figure sets available for the other 3 crew backgrounds that we currently have planned for the Terminus Gate universe.

      Thanks for your interest!

    2. Thanks for the info. Good luck with your Kickstarter!